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Markwell & Co. Our Process

From the moment you meet one of our inventory consultant team members, you will feel safe and secure with Markwell & Co. Markwell & Co. is so confident in our ability to plan a solution to maximize your business assets outcome and net return that we will send out one of our inventory consultants to meet with you, value your businesses assets, and give you feedback with your options that we will send them out absolutelyfree of charge.

The First Step:
is to contact us either by phone, email, or by using the appraisal tool located on our website.
The Second Step:
we will send out one of our inventory consultants to your business so we can evaluate your inventory and plan the logistics of the operation. At this measure, we also evaluate the condition of your assets, the time frames involved, your building and lease timeframes, and any additional business requirements you may have.
Within 48 Hours:
we will plan a strategy to maximize your inventories net return and provide you with a solution to meet your goals.
The Fourth Step:
we identify your inventory and create a personalized website for you to monitor the asset sales process. We manage the shipping and/or removal of your assets. We offer free storage, if requested, of your assets. We begin selling your assets, normally by piece-meal, to direct buyers to maximize your profits. We run a full property clearance check to make absolutely certain the space is clean, clear of clutter, and every piece of inventory has been sold for its maximum value.
Markwell & Co.
prepares a complete accounting of each piece of inventory sold and funds you either by cash, check, or bank transfer.

We are absolutely confident you will find our Inventory Consultation and our process to maximize your assets value it's absolutely free of charge.
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